What is Logging?

Logging is a structure in which all actions performed by users in a system are recorded. Logging, which can also be expressed as a recording process, records all actions of users on the internet in a time-stamped manner.

Why is Logging Necessary?

All computers with Internet access are given an IP address assigned by the service provider and a numerical address that enables this access.

In cases where more than one user accesses the internet via a single ADSL modem, more than one device will use the same IP address. Hotel, restaurant etc. This situation is often encountered in places. In order to take precautions against illegal actions that may be carried out by users and to protect themselves, institutions must record the actions of users..

With the method known as logging, each user's actions on the internet are recorded one by one. Logging, which is obligatory as per the law numbered 5651, allows the actions of each user to be followed retrospectively.

How Logging is Done?

Logging is performed by the device produced to do this specifically. It logs in accordance with the law numbered 5651 and TUBITAK Time Stamp protocols.