Dormitory Integration

As technology becomes a part of our lives day by day, the dependence of young people on technology is increasing. Especially young people staying in student dormitories use the internet intensively to study, choose courses, follow exams and spend time. However, accessing the internet by hundreds of people at the same time over a network sometimes creates security problems. It is possible with Netway that the internet service that young people use for different purposes in student dormitories is safer and of higher quality.

What is Dormitory Integration?

Netway student dormitory integration is designed specifically for student dormitories. Netway student dormitory integration, produced in accordance with Law No. 5651, protects students who access the Internet.

How Does Dormitory Integration Work?

Student dormitory integration works by determining a password with TR Identity Number for each student. Students access the internet with their TR Identity Number and passwords. Thanks to this system, which is used in almost all student dormitories, a safe and high quality internet service is being provided. Some dormitories may set restrictions to prevent excessive internet use by students. This prevents overuse.

The Benefits of the Netway Dormitory Integration

Actions taken by all students who are connected to the dormitory internet through the Netway student dormitory integration system are recorded in accordance with Law No. 5651. This record is kept Timestamped.

With URL and Content Filtering, you can prevent students from using the internet for malicious purposes.

You can adjust the internet access speed as you wish and enable students to have a better quality internet experience.

With Firewall, you can take control of your network and protect students who connect to the Internet against external threats.

You can determine how many devices students can access the internet from.